I trust my intuition. I am willing to listen to that still small voice within

As our own peace of mind grows, so the atmosphere around it becomes more peaceful

A calm mind is really helpful in sustaining a healthy body

Happiness is not something ready made it comes from your own actions

I live in the present moment, and it is easy for me to release all past pain

Being grateful maintains a positive outlook, there is no room for negativity when being appreciative for what we all have

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything

We all like to be around kind people, their peaceful relaxed nature puts us at ease

With inner strength and mental stability, we can endure all kinds of adversity

The basics of life, forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love and humour will keep us in a positive frame of mind

I release the need to criticize, I am loving and accepting

Love transmits at a higher frequency than fear

All of us have the capacity to attract to ourselves what seems to be missing in our lives

Compassion is a true source of happiness

Welcome to my Website

Anton Marc Shaw is an NFSH (Healing Trust) accredited healer.

NFSH the Healing Trust was founded in 1954 and is acknowledged to be the principal organisation for healing in the United Kingdom.

After completing the NSFH 2 year training programme he has been working full-time as a healer since 2008.

Anton has worked with numerous clients both adults and children with a wide range of ailments and conditions such as: Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, Back and Neck Pain, Headaches, Phobias and helping peoples general emotional well being.


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Introduction to Healing

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as 'love and light' which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound.

Healing energy is all around us. In essence it is 'universal' - part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good. Healers learn to use their ability to tap into this natural energy and pass it on.

Spiritual Healing is not linked to a particular religion. Faith by the patient is not required and healing can help people regardless of their religious beliefs.

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What my Clients say

I had no pre-conceptions of the power of healing, nor the benefits it could bring.

Amanda Gadian-Glaser

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Anton is a kind, talented and enlightened human being. He treated me when I was seriously ill. He gave me strength and courage and supported me back to a confident recovery. I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues.

Rachel Gold - Fashion Stylist

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The healing sessions that we did was a essential part of my recovery

Jenna Bennett

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He has given me the energy and strength along with the right mindset to face my illness head on and stop it "owning me".

Luke Lacey

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The self-development and growth that I have achieved is testament to your warm, humble and compassionate approach.


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After that first session, I felt an incredible shift ; my panic attacks subsided and I had the first good night’s sleep I had had in a very long time.

Antonella Saccomanno

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Almost 2 years ago I had my very first healing appointment with Anton and I honestly haven't looked back.

Debi Cohen

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Anton's healing has helped me see light during my fight with cancer, softening the uproar it can cause.


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Anton has proved himself to be a much valued member of our complementary therapy team...

Chai Cancer Care

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My first session with Anton was at the beginning of chemotherapy for breast cancer. I can only describe myself then as an 'hysterical, lunatic woman' - very distant from my reasonably calm and compassionate self! I came away from that first session feeling so much calmer and refreshed.


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I first met Anton in November 2011. I was highly sceptical about the idea of visiting a healer mainly due to the fact my father was in a similar health situation with Lung Cancer...


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Anton provided immense support for my wife Dorothy during very difficult times. He was an inspiration to her - to her attitude, her sense of humour, her well-being and her spirit...

Neil Summer

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After two visits from Anton his night terrors ceased!

Katy Marks

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His incredible empathy makes him so easy to open up to, and, I don’t know how he does it or what he does or how it works but, usually by that night I feel almost cleansed.

Michelle Feldman

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During my sessions with Anton I feel totally relaxed and comfortable. He is professional and sensitive, he makes no claims...


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When healing was suggested to me I didn't really know what to expect. My healer is Anton and he has turned my perspective on life around...


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I recommended him to all family and friends who I feel would benefit from healing. He’s the best!

Lauren Vietro

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What Healing can help with

Healing works for both children and adults and can be used with a wide range of conditions such as:

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