I met Anton following a year of chemo and nuclear therapy. I had cancer of the lung which had metastasised to the liver. My future looked poor and I had been told that surgery, the best option for me, was not possible due to the extent of my disease.

Following a few sessions with Anton I was rescanned and to my amazement I was told that I could have surgery. By the time I had my major liver surgery I was fitter, mentally and physically stronger than I thought possible following the gruelling treatment I had endured. I was due to have a lung resection three months after the liver op but one of my lungs had collapsed.  The lung was to be drained of fluid, but again extraordinarily after a few sessions with Anton my lung drained itself.

During my sessions with Anton I feel totally relaxed and comfortable. He is professional and sensitive, he makes no claims. However, during and following healing sessions I feel a sense of well being and a shift in energy. If feels as if my body is releasing tension and making room for healing to happen. 

I believe that the spiritual healing with Anton has contributed to my ability to deal with major surgery and also to the fact that at present  I am tumour free.

K. L

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