Simone 13/07/2011


I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and this includes our paths crossing.  Having come across your details purely by chance I embarked upon my first ever healing session with you over nine months ago and have never looked back. In fact since I have been working with you, I am now very much able to look forward and use the tools that you have shown me that I already have to get the most out of my future.  Where there was panic, there is now calm, where there was doubt there is now certainty. The self-development and growth that I have achieved is testament to your warm, humble and compassionate approach.

I cannot thank you enough Anton and am sure that you will undoubtedly touch the lives of all the people fortunate enough to come into contact with you as you have touched mine.

Thank you for your guidance and for giving me the strength to makes the changes.

Simone x   

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