I first met Anton in November 2011. I was highly sceptical about the idea of visiting a healer mainly due to the fact my father was in a similar health situation with Lung Cancer and went to see a healer which sadly did not help him and he subsequently died some 36 years ago at the age of 58.

I had been told by my doctor that my Lymphoma had come back and the outlook was not great. I was very low mentally at this point however after a discussion with Sarah my wife I felt it would be worthwhile trying it out as I had nothing to lose.

When I first met Anton at our first session he made me feel very comfortable which enabled me to relax and gave me the opportunity of allowing him to connect with me and see what we could achieve together. He cares very much and bearing in mind my situation health wise I really wanted this to work and give it the best opportunity I could.

During our sessions I felt I could relax and soon found myself feeling I was sinking into the bed and breathing more slowly and in some sessions falling asleep.

I was soon aware of the heat I felt from Anton’s hands on my chest and was very conscious of how he had located the areas where he felt my health problems were situated. I was also aware of how much better I felt after the session  due to the fact I had more energy and I mentally felt he had lifted my spirits and drawn out some of the illness in my body. This had a very positive psychological effect on me as I was having great difficulty managing the weekly chemotherapy treatment I was having during this time.

I continue to see Anton every 2-3 weeks and I have found his sessions invaluable and over the last 12 months I have recognised the importance of having this additional support in order to cope with the chemotherapy treatment and to fight the cancer. He has made a difficult time manageable and continues to do so each time I see him.

I am pleased to say I am now in remission and will continue seeing Anton in order to maintain my strength in order to be free of the disease and I believe Anton has played a big part in achieving this.

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