M T - 27th July 2017

Anton's healing has helped me see light during my fight with cancer, softening the uproar it can cause.
He has played such a huge part in both my treatment and recovery, and his ability to hold space has helped me to remain calm throughout.

His empathic and caring nature immediately made me feel safe, and after my first session with Anton I started to notice subtle changes and shifts as my energy became lighter. He not only helped me find peace in the emotional chaos that cancer causes, but has also helped alleviate physical symptoms such as Chemo sickness and bone pain.
His healing brought feeling back into my shoulder which had previously been numb after a surgeon had accidentally cut a nerve.

Each week after leaving the room it was as if I had gained a little bit of myself back. Cancer was suddenly less daunting and more manageable. I always left refreshed and uplifted and it brought colour back to my cheeks.

Anton has a very kind and caring nature and is a beautiful soul, always allowing me to feel comfortable and supported. I feel blessed to have him as a healer and I thank him :)

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